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Explore the thrill of randomness and the world's diverse currencies. From modern currencies to historical ones, our platform offers you a unique coin-flipping experience. Discover the stories behind these coins and enjoy the simple pleasure of a virtual coin toss.

US Quarter

The US quarter, often known as the "two bits," is a beloved piece of the United States Mint. With its 50 unique state designs, it captures the diverse landscapes, iconic landmarks, and rich history of the United States. It's a piece of American life that fits right into your virtual pocket. Flip this coin to call upon the spirit of the American dream in making your decisions.

British Pound

The British Pound coin, often referred to as a "quid," has been an integral part of UK culture and history for centuries. Symbolising the economic strength and longstanding traditions of the UK, this coin features varying designs that celebrate aspects of British heritage. Flip the pound coin to bring a touch of British charm to your random decision-making.


The Euro coin stands as a powerful symbol of European unity. Used by many European Union countries, this coin features diverse national designs on one side and a map of Europe on the common side. Each flip of this coin is a testament to the collaboration and shared history of the European nations. Use it to add a European flair to your virtual coin toss.

Canadian Loonie

The Canadian Loonie coin, featuring the image of a loon on its reverse, holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians. It represents Canada's rich wildlife, pristine landscapes, and the friendly spirit of its people. When you flip this coin, you're bringing the beauty and wilderness of Canada into your decision-making process.

Australian Dollar

The Australian Dollar coin is a reflection of Australia's unique wildlife and history. With its distinctive gold colour and the iconic kangaroo or emu designs, this coin brings a piece of the Australian outback to your screen. When you flip this coin, you're experiencing a part of Australia's rich cultural heritage.

Eesti Kroon

Eesti kroon oli Eesti rahvuslik valuuta, mis kehtis aastatel 1928–1940 ja seejärel uuesti 1992–2011. Krooni kujundus peegeldas Eesti kultuuri ja ajalugu, muutes iga mündi tähtsaks osaks Eesti identiteedist. Kuigi kroon on nüüdseks asendatud euroga, elab see ikka edasi meie mälestustes ja südames. Eesti krooni virtuaalse mündi keerutamine annab võimaluse mängida ajalooga ja tunda nostalgilist rõõmu.

Pirate Doubloon

The Pirate Doubloon, often found in tales of high seas and hidden treasures, adds a fun twist to your virtual coin flipping experience. These golden coins were the coveted loot of pirates and now represent the spirit of adventure and freedom. Flip this coin and let the adventurous spirit of the high seas guide your decision.

CS:GO coin

Step into the world of gaming with our virtual CS:GO coin. Representing one of the most popular online games, this coin brings the excitement of eSports to your screen. Perfect for game-related decision-making or just for fun, flipping this coin is a nod to the global gaming community and the camaraderie it fosters.